11 Valentine’s Pieces That Are Subtle & Sweet

11 Valentine's Items You Can Wear Again & Again

First of all I just want to say apologize because I’ve been a little m.i.a lately! Luis and I have been in transition figuring out where our next move will be (it takes a lot out of us). I am so excited though because we will officially be back in the states yay! More info I’d love to share with you so check back soon!

Meanwhile, as Valentine’s is coming up (so fast) I pulled some super cute items I am needing in my life right now haha! These items are really versatile and you can wear them all year long, which is always a great thing to keep in mind when shopping. I am really into the romantic vibe right now for spring and maybe because of our wedding coming up, I just love all things romantic. From soft pinks to ruffles, if an item has it I am all for it! This Valentine’s Day I will be in Portland, OR visiting family and watching Luis play for pre-season so it works out great. We might try and get away for a night if he can, but I am just happy I can see him. 

1. Exclusive Nude Lip Kit// I love a good nude lip color and love even more a great deal!
2. Pink Dress// This is my fave dress at the moment, great for a date night and gives such a romantic spring vibe that is right up my alley!
3. Gray Coat// This cozy cute coat would be a great closet staple to wear in the cold months of fall, winter and spring. 
4. Pink Heels// Loving the tie with these heels, I would pair these with an all grey outfit or to match the heart purse I have my eye on 🙂
5. Chain Heart Bag// Need I say more?! L.O.V.E
6. Pink Wrap Cami// This top is great for a girls night or date nights out, simple yet flattering with the tie to cinch in your waste, plus its under $50!
7. Demi Boot Jeans// I am always down to wear a high waisted jean, these are the best ones I found with a subtle boot cut
8. Wrap Ring// I don’t wear a lot of jewelry, but I have been obsessing over a while now
9. Mirrored Pink Sunnies// Sunglasses are always a great accessory to have and with a subtle pop of pink that won’t break the bank is a plus in my book. 
10. Layer Skirt// On sale for under $55! I love how different this skirt is, would definitely pair it with a white tee and these pink heels.
11. Kiss Me Gummies// A little sweetness for Valentine’s is always needed and why not in lip shaped candies ðŸ™‚

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