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Flowing into Fall

fall fashion finds

Fall is right around the corner and I can’t believe it! I am still holding on to the last of these hot summer nights and pool days, but I am definitely looking forward to fall. Cozy tea drinking nights, pumpkin patches, sweater weather, pumpkin and vanilla scented everything are just a few of my faves. 


Summer Must-Have: Gingham Dress

off the shoulder dress


Futbol, Passion And A Little Corazon

Crack Futbol Clothing

Crack: a commonly used adjective all over the world with soccer players that play out of their mind, manifesting an aura of genius on the field while possessing a divine craftsmanship with the ball, or if you may, la pelota”

futbol clothing

crack fútbol clothing

Shirts: c/o crackfc
Jeans: Hers Levis/His Zara
Shoes: Hers Adidas/His Adidas

Crack FC is a clothing company started by three of Luis’ soccer friends whom have the mission of spreading the culture of “Cracks” by combining the world of futbol (soccer) with fashion. Luis has a couple of their shirts and really likes them. Two of his faves are this black t-shirt and this maroon t-shirt. Support small businesses and check them out :)!

<3 Ash


New Family Addition

new family addition


11 Summer Picks Your Closet Needs Now

11 Picks Your Closet Needs Now

 1. Black & White Blouse // 2. Tassel Earrings // 3. Ruffle Yellow Romper (under $80)//
4. Embroidered Denim // 5. Lace-Up Sandals // 6. Straw Clutch // 7. Lace Dress //
8. Round Sunglasses // 9. Short Overalls // 10. Gingham Check Blouse // 
11. Espadrille Platform Wedge

Hi guys! I am so sorry I haven’t been posting much lately! I’ve been trying to prep and get ready for the wedding. I’ve basically been running around like a crazy woman scheduling appointments for everything under the sun. Also, I recently got my first deep chemical peel (not realizing I would be out for a week) and legit looked like a red reptile haha! I love my results, but anyone else had this done?! Definitely an experience to say the least, never did I ever want to touch my face more (which you totally shouldn’t).  

As I was online window shopping (and I do that often haha) I was putting aside items I am currently loving and that are trending right now in the fashion world. I don’t know about you, but my closet is lacking some serious summer necessities. Off the shoulder tops are of course trending for this summer, which Ive been obsessing over, as well as a gingham print. Put the two trends together and it screams summer picnics & BBQs, well to me at least :). I am loving this top to pair with overalls or this one if you prefer long sleeve.  

I don’t know if it’s because of my Coachella envy or my endless love for wearing the color black, but when shopping for shoes I am loving reds and blacks right now. My go-to summer shoes have to be wedges (loving these popular ones), lace-up sandals (needing these ones) and a good mule (these you can wear all year round).

Below are a few more pieces I am loving and are in my check out cart:

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2 Ways To Wear An Oversized Sweater

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Top 2016 Trends To Bring Into The New Year

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Merry Christmas!

Buffalo Print Scarf


A Little Holiday Sparkle