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New Beginnings: Where Have I Been?

where have I been(sorry for the grainy picture)
I wanted to share with you all where I have been and what has been going on in the past couple of months. I did put a hold on my blog for a while to gather myself together and figure things out, but now that we are settling in I am back on it and would love to share with you what the heck I’ve been doing and been! 


Travel Diaries: Why your next vacation should be at Tulum, Mexico


Luis and I recently had the chance to visit Tulum, Mexico and wow was it paradise! We use to not be able to take vacations in the summer when Luis was in the MLS (major league soccer) since their season runs through summer, breaks are usually taken during winter time. Now, being in the mexican league, we are able to have a break in the summer so we took advantage and headed down to the beautiful Yucatan peninsula and it definitely did not disappoint.