Wedding Planning: Finding Bridesmaid Dresses & Groomsmen Suits

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Picking out bridesmaids dresses and groomsman suits was one of my favorite tasks in wedding planning! I knew right away what I was looking for in the bridesmaid dresses. When I started looking, I kept our venue and time of year in mind. With our day being at the end of spring and our venue a winery, I knew right away the dresses should be something romantic, soft and floor length. For the groomsmen, Luis and I both liked the classic tuxedo look, simple and black. Then Luis added a black shirt to stand out, which I loved. 

blogger weddingwedding planning

How handsome is my hubby! <3

blogger wedding blogger weddingwedding planningblogger wedding blogger weddingI forget who mentioned it to me during this wedding processes, but I was labeled the ‘romantic’ type of bride. Which really made sense because everything I was planning lead to a romantic vibe or feel :). So of course, when it came to the bridesmaid dresses I wanted something with a romantic feel as well. Fortunately, I was able to have our color theme picked out ahead of time, which made it easier to start looking. I wanted to try mixing and matching pinks, but I am a bit of a control freak and it didn’t seem to work smoothly as far as matching colors with style. We ended up getting the same color and style of dress for all my bridesmaids except my maid of honor. We went a shade lighter and completely different brand with my maid of honors and it worked out perfectly. As far as shoes goes, I just requested nude type sandal heels since you don’t really see them in pictures. 

For the groomsmen, it was a bit of an easier task. Once we knew the color, we just had to figure out what the easiest and most budget friendly option was. We ended up having all the groomsmen rent from their local rental place. Luis tried the renting route, but usually when you rent it doesn’t fit 100% perfectly and he wanted something that fit like a glove so we ended up buying his tux for a great deal here then altering it.

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