How To Get Motivated With Fitness

How to stay motivated with fitnessHow to stay motivated with fitness

This cutie already weighs more than Toby haha, the only thing that motivates him to workout is chasing his big brother!

  • Go Shopping 🙂 Find some fitness outfits you love. If you are in a slump or just starting to get back into your fitness routine, new activewear will give you an extra boost to help get you to that spin class or out for a walk. Investing in some good activewear like these awesome leggings I am wearing from Lululemon will not only make you feel better, but help make your workouts a bit easier (side note these leggings are supposed to be a cropped length, but for us petite gals they are more like a 7/8 length).
  • Do Something You Love <3 Summer is a great time of the year to try a new class or activity you have been wanting to do! Since moving to Utah, Luis and I have been wanting to go explore all the awesome hiking trails with waterfalls and beautiful views. We also have been going on night walks now that the weather is super nice. There is something about warm summer nights I just love.
  • Make Time With work or school, family and keeping up your social life it is sometimes so hard to squeeze in a workout. Try to find an hour out of your day that works best for you and your workouts and stick to it. When I used to work full-time it took me a while to figure out what time of day I could stick to for workouts.  I was always too tired after work and I definitely am not a morning person, so that was out of the question for me haha. I eventually started working out on my lunch breaks, wether it was going for a 45min walk or to the gym to knock out some weights. 

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