Futbol, Passion And A Little Corazon

Crack Futbol Clothing

Crack: a commonly used adjective all over the world with soccer players that play out of their mind, manifesting an aura of genius on the field while possessing a divine craftsmanship with the ball, or if you may, la pelota”

futbol clothing

crack fútbol clothing

Shirts: c/o crackfc
Jeans: Hers Levis/His Zara
Shoes: Hers Adidas/His Adidas

Crack FC is a clothing company started by three of Luis’ soccer friends whom have the mission of spreading the culture of “Cracks” by combining the world of futbol (soccer) with fashion. Luis has a couple of their shirts and really likes them. Two of his faves are this black t-shirt and this maroon t-shirt. Support small businesses and check them out :)!

<3 Ash


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  1. Love this. And didn’t know that meaning. I might have to get one to wear to my kids’ games.

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