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Futbol, Passion And A Little Corazon

Crack Futbol Clothing

Crack: a commonly used adjective all over the world with soccer players that play out of their mind, manifesting an aura of genius on the field while possessing a divine craftsmanship with the ball, or if you may, la pelota”

futbol clothing

crack fútbol clothing

Shirts: c/o crackfc
Jeans: Hers Levis/His Zara
Shoes: Hers Adidas/His Adidas

Crack FC is a clothing company started by three of Luis’ soccer friends whom have the mission of spreading the culture of “Cracks” by combining the world of futbol (soccer) with fashion. Luis has a couple of their shirts and really likes them. Two of his faves are this black t-shirt and this maroon t-shirt. Support small businesses and check them out :)!

<3 Ash


How To Get Motivated With Fitness


Wednesday Wedding Inspiration

wedding inspiration

Wedding inspiration from all over the internet (especially Pinterest) definitely helped me in the direction of how Luis and I wanted our wedding to turn out. Since Luis is from Mexico I wanted to incorporate a spanish vibe while also giving it a traditional american vibe. I forget who told me, but in the middle of all our planning someone mentioned I was a “classic” type of bride. With that in mind and as we wait for our awesome photos of our big day, I wanted to share some wedding inspiration that helped me with our decor. The vibe we went for was “spanish romantic meets chic” (basically a made up vibe, but the vibe we went for haha!). You can also check out our awesome engagement photos here in this post!


New Family Addition

new family addition