Monthly Archives: May 2016

Start of Summer in Relaxed Denim


I am so excited it’s officially summertime! Even though i’ve been feeling like it has been summer time for the past couple of weeks, it is still exciting to officially say its summer, summer, summertime (insert DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince). Pool parties, bbqs, beach days, traveling and just enjoying time outside under the sun I just can’t wait!

Polka Dots & Off The Shoulder Top


I don’t know what it is about a polka dot pattern, but it always catches my eye when I am shopping and I could not pass up these super comfy trousers when I saw them! Polka Dots are so a fun (and cute) to incorporate into your wardrobe that can either be dressed up or down.


Nuevo Sur & Neutrals


Today we went walking around Nuevo Sur, which is a cute outdoor mall in Monterrey, Mexico. I am honestly surprised how my transition from the U.S. to Mexico was not very difficult.  (more…)

The Beginning


Hi! Welcome to my first post!! I am SO excited for the beginning of Fashion Meets Futbol. This blog is where I will share with you my love and passion of not only all things fashion, but my ever changing life, as a professional soccer players (soon to be) wifey. My fiancé and I have lived in three different cities so far, each being a new adventure. Our first city living together was Washignton D.C., which is very special to me since that is where we met our son (morkie) Toby. From D.C. we went to Salt Lake City, Utah and now we are currently in Moterrey, Mexico. While I can’t claim to be a professional in fashion, I love spending countless hours researching (and obsessing) over the latest trends. From celebrities, bloggers, runway shows, magazines you name it I will joyfully get lost in it.

Fashion Meets Futbol  is where I hope to inspire others with fashion, fitness, health and my lifestyle as I bring you along with me through my ever changing adventures.

<3 Ash